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Beauty Tips

It is known that water is the ultimate secret to a youthful skin. Scientific research on the benefits of water in the skin proves that water, in addition to the well known benefits in our health, can also change the density of the skin. 8-10 glasses of water per day - well distributed throughout the day - are ideal for a glowing complexion but also for a healthy body.

In addition to increasing skin density, water increases blood circulation to the skin. As the "Women's Health" magazine suggests, "Water makes a big difference to the health of the skin. Without water the skin appears more dull while wrinkles and pores are more intense."

Scientific research concludes that water can make our skin look brighter, but that does not mean it can wipe out wrinkles. For a shiny and healthy skin, other natural ingredients such as resveratrol are rneeded, the main ingredient of the "skin" product, which with its skin-specific antioxidant action, softens fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes the texture of the skin.



It is established that there is no ideal or absolute diet. All diets - low-fat, low-carbohydrate, Atkins etc. - have the same modest results. With any diet we will lose a few kilograms but sooner or later we will end up getting them back. The conclusion is not that there is no hope for someone who wants to lose weight. Simply, there are a few scientifically proven rules that, if followed, one can achieve a correct and sustainable weight.

The psychological factor. The most basic prerequisite for a successful and sustainable weight loss is “psychology”. For any diet to be successful, we must be psychologically prepared, have a strong determination, patience, and a great desire to lose weight. Diet which is imposed on us or diet to quickly lose a few kilograms e.g. for the summer, is doomed to failure. The indicator of the correct "psychology" is the degree to which we enjoy our diet.

The key is calories. We lose weight only when we intake less calories per day than the ones we consume. There is no other way. Attention is needed to the knowledge of the correct calories that we consume daily because they differ from person to person even of the same sex, same age, etc.

Slow start-up, long duration. With the appropriate "psychology", the goal for the first few weeks must be a minimum weight loss, maybe half a kilo in the first week. Gradually, however, this weekly loss should increase. The aim is, in addition to weight loss, to gradually adjust our metabolism and stabilize it.

No need for deprivation or hunger. We do not have to be hungry, to deprive ourselves of certain foods, or to be antisocial. In the first week e.g. we can cut alcoholic drinks, sweets and nuts. From the second week onwards we can additionally watch for food combinations. We all know that we should not, for example, eat protein with carbohydrates, etc.

Few tips. Some of the few tips for a successful weight loss are: frequent and small meals, lots of vegetables, lots of water.


The “slim” tea will help in our weight loss because it increases the metabolism.