Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which beverages are called functional?

A. By "functional foods and beverages or nutraceuticals" we characterize all those foods and beverages of our daily diet which, in addition to their nutritional value or hydration, contain one or more ingredients that have a positive effect on one function of our body.
The extra ingredients that add the functionality to the food or beverages are: herbs, vitamins, trace elements or other specific ingredients such as sterols, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and others.
Herbs, and particularly the Greek traditional medicinal herbs, are used more often recently due to their scientifically proven specific and effective actions to our body’s functions. Additionally, herbs are natural and are better absorbed by the body in comparison to the other added ingredients.


Q. Why INTEA tea is functional?

A. All INTEA teas are produced with the famous Greek ​​Mount Olympus Tea as the basic ingredient, plus one traditional Greek medicinal herb with scientifically proven properties for the specific functionality of each INTEA product. The Greek Mountain Tea has scientifically proven anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which enhance the action of the added herb.


Q. How INTEA is different from other teas?

A. IΝΤΕΑ is not a simple tea. It is prepared with only the flower of the Mountain Olympus Tea with the addition of extracts of traditional medicinal Greek herbs. Both the use of only the flower of the tea plant and the extracts of other herbs result in the maximum effectiveness of each product.