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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which beverages are knwon as functional?

A. By the term "functional foods and beverages" (functional foods and beverages or nutraceuticals), we characterize all those foods and beverages in our daily diet which, in addition to their nutritional value or hydration, contain one or more ingredients that improve one or more functions of the body. Additional ingredients that give functionality to a food or drink are: herbs, vitamins, trace elements, various animal or plant ingredients.
Herbs are being used more recently because of their scientifically proven effectiveness and specialized actions on the body's functions. In addition, herbs are natural and better absorbed by the body than other additional ingredients.

Q. Why iNCAFE is functional coffee?

A. All iNCAFE products are produced from selected Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties plus two natural ingredients with scientifically proven action for the specific functionality of each product: (a) a plant or animal ingredient and (b) a trace mineral. The scientifically proven health benefits of coffee are: its antioxidant activity, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, protecting against Alzheimer's disease, reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease, protecting the liver, reducing chances of cancer, helping to fight depression and reducing the risk of heart disease. These benefits enhance the action of the added natural ingredients and trace minerals.

Q. Why iNTEA is functional tea?

A. All iNTEA products are produced with the famous Mount Olympus Tea plus two additional natural ingredients: (a) a Greek traditional medicinal herb or plant ingredient with scientifically proven action for the specific functionality of each product and (b) a vitamin or trace metal with also scientifically proven action for the specific functionality. Greek mountain tea has scientifically proven anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which enhance the action of the otehr added ingredients.

Q. How is iNTEA tea different from other teas?

A. iNTEA tea is not just any tea. It is prepared with flowers only of "Olympus" Mountain Tea with the addition of extracts of traditional medicinal herbs. Both the use of only the flower of the tea plant and the extracts of the other herbs result in maximizing the effectiveness of the action of each product.