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The Secrets of Wellness

Wellness means "to be well" and the word originates as the oposite of illness. Wellness is a wider concept and it is about our overall physical, mental and spiritual condition. According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness leads to a longer-lasting but mostly qualitative life.

In the modern lifestyle, lack of energy, physical and mental fatigue and poor mood are often phenomena. The main reasons are: stress, long working hours, inadequate sleep, poor nutrition and the polluted environment. Limiting these negative factors will improve our wellness.

The negative effects of long working hours and the polluted environment are practically impossible to limit. But we can reduce our anxiety (less caffeine, listening to more music, avoiding exposure to news, etc.), improve our diet (small and frequent meals, natural unprocessed foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of water, healthy drinks, etc.) and improve our sleep.

A great boost to wellness, conveniently, quickly and effectively, can be the incorporation in our daily routine of the "energy" and "relax" teas, that are made with the Greek mountain tea as the basic ingredient, which does not contain caffeine, and Greek herbs with scientifically proven effectiveness.