Hot Beverages Reduce the Symptoms and the Duration of Viral Infections


Greek Mountain Tea: The Most Effective Beverage for the Prevention of Common Cold

It should be clarified first that the common cold is a viral disease i.e. it is caused by a virus. But why are viral diseases (infections) more common in winter? The most important reasons are:
(a) When it gets cold, most people stay indoors and come in contact with more people and as a result are ex...

Positive Energy Without Caffeine

When we need energy, our first reflection is to make a coffee. It is a fact that coffee quickly gives us the energy and vitality we need at the moment. But is this energy positive, and also, does high coffee consumption have a negative impact on our health?

Let's see how caffeine gives us energy. C...

The Herbs are Essential Ingredients of our Life

Man has evolved over the last 300,000 years in the earth's ecosystem because it has provided him with the 4 vital elements of life: oxygen, water, food and protection.

We all understand the importance of oxygen, water and food but the importance of protection is not easily understood. The earth's e...

Greek Mountain Tea: The Most Effective Summer Thirst Quencher

In the summer our needs for the intake of fluids increase. The reason is that due to the increase in ambient temperature our body activates the mechanism of sweating. The evaporation of sweat cools our body. But with sweating, our body loses fluids that need to be replenished.

The feeling of thirst...

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