Donation to Laiko General Hospital of Athens

Tuesday, December 29, 2020
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Inbeverages SA has responded to the abnormal challenges that Greece and the world as a whole are facing in their struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic by donating teas from its INTEA line of products to the Laiko General Hospital of Athens.

In a show of support and gratitude toward all the medical, nursing and support staff of Laiko, we donated and distributed collections of all its INTEA functionalities to each of the 17 operating divisions of the hospital.

Mr. Greg Dounis, Chairman of the Board of the Company noted: “In view of the pandemic that is devastating the world and our country of course, it is imperative that each of us contributes and supports those in most need and those fighting in the front line of developments. Given the social responsibility that we believe should be adopted by all companies and taking into account the profoundly difficult conditions and pressure under which the staff is operating, we are humbly proud to make this donation. We feel that it’s the least we can do as a token of appreciation and as a clear recognition of the incredibly valuable work that the entire staff of Laiko executes relentlessly on a daily basis”.

On behalf of Laiko, the Deputy Director Ms Adamantia Egglezopoulou responded with a thank you letter stating: “Management, the Board of Directors and all the staff of Laiko thank you from the depths of our heart for your polite donation of functional INTEA products. Your action clearly shows your respect for our National Health System, the fact that you recognize the valuable work of our staff and that you stand firmly by our side, specially during these hard times that we are all experiencing”.

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