Greek Mountain Tea: The Most Effective Beverage for the Prevention of Common Cold

Greek Mountain Tea: The Most Effective Beverage for the Prevention of Common Cold

It should be clarified first that the common cold is a viral disease i.e. it is caused by a virus. But why are viral diseases (infections) more common in winter? The most important reasons are:
(a) When it gets cold, most people stay indoors and come in contact with more people and as a result are exposed to more viruses.

(b) Cold causes blood vessels to contract so that the white blood cells, the key elements of our immune system that destroy viruses, have difficulty in moving and thus slow down our body's defence.

(c) Vitamin D levels, which increase with exposure to the sun, fall in winter, reducing the effectiveness of our immune system.

(d) During the winter months, the outer wall of the virus freezes, hardens and acts as a shield, allowing it to spread more easily. When it is hot, the virus wall becomes jelly-like and it is unable to protect the virus when exposed to the environment.

(e) Humidity plays an important role. In the summer due to the humidity in the atmosphere, viruses attach to the suspended droplets, become heavier and fall to the ground. So while viruses are still present in the nose of healthy people, their spread is much more difficult. However, in the winter when the weather is colder and dry, the viruses are more stable and stay in the air longer, making them easier to spread.

(f) Malnutrition, physical and mental fatigue and emotional factors play a role in the development of viruses due to the decrease in the efficiency of our immune system.


How can we effectively prevent winter viruses? In addition to the known precautions (good hygiene, good indoor ventilation, avoidance of contact with patients, good nutrition, etc.), various herbal beverages offer prevention and protection. The most effective is the Greek Mountain Tea because it offers unique prevention and protection due to its multiple actions. The actions of the Greek Mountain Tea are:

(a) Antioxidant action. The Greek Mountain tea has a significant antioxidant action due to the presence of polyphenolic compounds that have the ability to block free radicals. Due to its antioxidant action and its recognized contribution to boosting the immune system, the Greek mountain tea strengthens the immune system.

(b) Antimicrobial action. The action against viruses is important and scientifically proven today. This action is mainly due to the essential oils containing monoterpene hydrocarbons.

(c) Anti-inflammatory action. It is mainly due to the groups of flavonoids, terpenes, lipids, phytosterols and diterpenes. The contribution of the Greek Mountain Tea's anti-inflammatory action to the prevention of viruses is indirect. By reducing the inflammations that usually exists even in healthy bodies, it improves our overall health and strengthens our immune system.



In order for the Greek Mountain Tea to be effective, we need to consume 2-3 cups daily in the autumn and in the winter: in the autumn, in order to strengthen our immune system and in the winter, as additional defence because of its antimicrobial action.

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