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Alternate Text The intelligent tea of Mount Olympus
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INTEA is not a simple tea! INTEA (Intelligent Nutrition Tea) is a unique functional tea with beneficial properties on health, wellness or beauty, effectively and pleasantly, due to the combination of the Greek Mount Olympus Tea with other traditional medicinal Greek herbs with scientifically proven properties. It is delicious and is drunk by everyone, hot or cold, all hours of the day, all year round. It comes in Nespresso®* compatible capsules and pyramid tea bags.

The beneficial effect of each INTEA product is achieved after two to four weeks daily consumption. However, all INTEA products can be consumed 365 days a year.





  • are good-for-you: in health, wellness or beauty
  • are 100% natural and Greek
  • we collect only the flower of the plants which are found at an altitude above 600m and in combination with the extracts of the other herbs, we achieve maximum efficiency

  • they do not contain caffeine because the Greek Mountain Tea is among the few teas in the world that do not contain caffeine
  • they have no calories
  • have a pleasant taste, are drunk by everyone, at all times of the day, hot or cold, all year round

  • are available as pyramid bags and Nespresso®* type capsules for convenience in the tea preparation
  • the airtight packaging of the capsule and the envelope into which each pyramid bag is packed, ensures maximum freshness of the products
  • are friendly to the environment; the pyramid bags are produced from natural biodegradable material and the other packaging materials are recyclable

Choose the Tea for You

INTEA is the Greek Tea ideal for your body and soul. Every functional cup of Mount Olympus Tea, enriched with traditional medicinal herbs, is a delightful experience with a perfectly balanced flavor.

Greek Herbs

Greece is a country rich in wild herbs with scientifically proven beneficial effects. The benefits of each individual herb have been known since ancient times and are recorded by Hippocrates and Dioskourides 





Choose the functional tea that helps your body!

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Pantheon. Where the Gods of Olympus enjoy their Tea

The famous Greek Tea of Mount Olympus has been growing for thousands of years on Mount Olympus, the official home of the Gods. They were known to meet at Pantheon, one of the highest mountain tops filled with mystery and a magical aura.